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My software will not open on my computer after I updated to Windows 8.

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The program will not run correctly. It doesn't allow me to open it once I installed the new Windows 8. Can you please help me solve this problem?


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I am having the same problem xcept I deleted all of ati install manager because mine would not work either I was going to download the windows 8 pro version but there not one if any body knows were I can find it please let me know also via email thanks

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Windows 8 is a new operating system with its base structure redesigned from its core. This thing affects the good functionality of software applications that worked well in previous versions. As soon as the time passes, many developers will adapt their software to the new standards and new operating system and in your case all you need to do is to either wait for an improved version or download an updated version of the software (in case there is one).

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That's all I can figure out, also. When I see old programs are not compatible with Windows 8, I know some day Windows 8 won't be the newest Windows and other versions will come out.

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