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When I run WiFi HotSpot Creator after making a WiFi network, it hangs and is not responding.

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It seems there is a bug and the software where it hangs after you create a network. My suggestion is to try and run the software with "Run As Administrator" option because it will require administrative rights to properly create a bridge for your connection. In case this approach is not working, you can always try an alternative like Connectify which basically does the same thing only it's a little bit more stable.

If you still encounter errors while you are working with Connectify then there is something wrong with your drivers or hardware.

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I think you can try to use other WiFi hotspot creator. I know a freeware is good!
OSToto Hotspot allows a quick and easy setup of WiFi hotspot. As long as you have an internet-available computer with an enabled wireless adapter, you can use this Wi-Fi hotspot creator to setup a sharing hotspot and send the internet connection to friends nearby.

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