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I have also a problem with my Samsung ML2070 device after Windows 10 update. I install new drivers, but it doesn't fix the problem.

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I have a 460FN that can scan, but the Easy Document Creator software won't respond to scan from there. The latest driver (Supplied by HP by the way) are from September of 2017, and do not cure the problem. My copy of Easy Document Creator is current as version 1.06.60 dated 03-17-2015. This all started with the Windows April 2018 upgrade. How can we let HP know they need an update for their software?

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Hi Kathrin,
I happen to read your question and only want to say, that I also have a Xpress M2070W and this multiprinter is working 100% for me now, everything works fine (print, scan, copy).
I use Easy document Creator version 2.02.53 (2018-05-24).

I also use another scanprogram that is named NAPS2.
That scanprogram is also working 100% for me.

I use Windows 10 Pro
Version: 1803
Installed: 2018-07-08
OS-Version: 17134.471

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