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I have installed both Windows 8 and Windows XP on two different partitions but my PC only boots directly to Windows XP and I cannot access my Windows 8 operating system.

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I would like to know what should I do to make Windows 8 partition appear on the OS selection screen.

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This case is awkward because when you install Windows 8, it modifies the MBR partition with an improved boot menu and Windows XP should be added there without using 3rd party applications.

Bringing back Windows 8 requires that you boot from the installation CD, and from the first menu that appears click on Repair My Computer. A list with options will appear and you will need to click the first option: Boot problems and let Windows fix it. This will give you access to Windows 8 upon restart from where you can use a 3rd party application and add Windows XP to the boot menu.

After you perform this operation, start your Windows 8 and proceed to download EasyBCD because it's a tool which modifies MBR partition and boot menu using simple steps.

When you start the application click on the Add New Entry and select Windows XP from the drop-down menus and uncheck "Automatically detect partition" and pick the drive where XP is installed.

Restart your computer and you'll have a choice to either start Windows XP or Windows 8.

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Visual BCD comes with Dual-boot Repair tool.

Run Dual-boot Repair and click "Automatic Repair".

After reboot you should have a dual-boot menu with
Windows 8 (default) and XP.

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