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Why the Hi-pro needs an update of the software each time before use?

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Can someone help me please? I have problems with the connexion with my hi-pro 2 and my pc (Dell)

  • The hi-pro works on other computers
  • the hi-pro integrated in my aurical works
  • after an update of the software the hi-pro works for a while, but after retesting it, it blocks again. I have to move around with my hi -pro so I have to disconnect it almost each day. It doesn't change when I plug it before or after starting the computer. I tested it on several USB adapters. After reinstalling the software it worked in the morning (powerlight was on) and without any changes of the computer (didn't move or didn't do any updates) it didn't work anymore after replugging it by noon (no lights).
  • before the problems started I could plug it in and out whenever I wanted and it still worked.

Does anyone have a solution without reinstalling the software each day?
Thank you!

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The only thing I can suggest is to re-download the installation guide provided by the manufacturers on their official website to see if it's possible that you've skipped a configuration step.

Access the following website to obtain additional information. As a side note, when you install
the HI-Pro application and the PC is equipped with Windows 7+ (Windows 8, Windows 10), make sure to install it as Administrator. To do so, right click the installation setup and choose Run as Administrator. This procedure is to make sure that all the files are installed properly in their place.

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