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What is the function of the LED on the AX860i's USB Dongle interface module?

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The USB Dongle interface module for the Corsair AX860i power supply has a LED indicator on it. In all computers I have built using the power supply the LED is off, as during Windows OS boot, but then turns Green. Always thought it was just a power on/active indicator. But, on my latest build, after as Windows completes boot, it turns Green like on all the other computers. But, on this one it starts flashing Green then Red. This computer has been completely tested and all hardware and Windows 10 64 bit are working fine. Corsair Link 4 has been installed and it is functioning fine and indicates all power supply parameters are with in limits. Power Supply manual has nothing listed on what this LED should indicates. Have received no response from Corsair support, Yet, as to What the LED should be indicating. Other than we will get back to you. If you do an internet search for the function of USB Dongle Module is for, this is not what a USB Dongle module is used for. USB Dongle module is a USB interface module, I can find no reference for used like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A green and red blinking LED indicates that there is a problem with communication between PSU and the USB controller. Although you say everything works normally, the device indicates that there is a problem.

As suggested on various forums, try to connect the devices in their native mode without using 3rd party connectors and it should work. Some users reported that uninstalling the support software will restore the device functionality.

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