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Is there any way to make my exel spreadsheet appear as a desktop gadget?

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I made an excel calculator which I open many times per day hence I would like to know if there is a way to make it appear as a desktop gadget ready all the time?

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There certainly is a way that you can access your formula calculator directly from your desktop. What you may do is to actually turn the Excel Sheet into your Desktop background, so that you may then work on and edit it directly.

In order to do so, you should first access the "File" menu in your Excel Spreadsheet. Then, you should choose "Save as Web Page," after which, you should select the "Add interactivity" option. After these preliminary steps, you may simply set the resulting saved document as your desktop background, and work on it as you would on a regular spreadsheet.

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Awesome, but dont you think that creating a shortcut could also help, but just a thought.
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If I make it into a web page does that mean that anyone else on the internet will be able to access it?

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The format and file type will be that of a webpage, but it will only be a file on your computer. If you don't host it online anywhere, it won't be any different than any other file on your computer. You can rest assured.

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I have tried this but when I try to "save as webpage" there is not "add interactivity box".

I have tried just using the publishing option but when then trying to save it as my desktop background it doesnt work.



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I want to set my Calc spreadsheet as desktop background in linux Kindly send the steps and help me

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