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MIPC Alerts on Android smartphone.

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I am using the MIPC App for my CCTV camera and since the update to the app in May 2017 I can only receive audible motion alerts on my smartphone when the phone is plugged in to the charger. When I unplug the phone and go out of the house I don't get any audible alerts at all but all video is recorded and all camera controls are functional. The dev at MIPC will not reply and the camera manufacturer cannot sort this out. I have had my new phone checked out by Motorola and that's ok. We have tried 4 different phones all with the same problem (no audible alerts unless plugged into the charger) and we have tried a different cellular network but still the same. Any thoughts on this?

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If you have a newer version of Android, then you'll have to turn off any Power Saving apps or features. You can typically do this from the Device Maintenance or Battery in the Settings menu. After you turn off the power saving features, go to the Settings menu again and locate the Notifications. If you don't know where it's located, use the built-in Search features as most of the phones have one nowadays. Type Notifications then configure your application to be allowed to send you notifications.

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Many Thanks for your reply but I have been into the settings and there's nothing to allow me to alter anything in the MIPC App. I don't have any battery saving apps on and in the notification settings I have allowed all notifications from the MIPC App to come through. I am using the latest Android version 7 on my Moto G5 and I have done a factory reset as Motorola told me to do.What happens is when on charge all push alarms are received from the MIPC App.When off charge I get 2 push alarms then nothing but everything is recorded and all camera functions work it's just this push alarm problem. I have tried another CCTV app and that's exactly the same???? Regards.

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