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How to unlock Evo USB device so that any GSM Sim card can be used to connect to the Internet?

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EVO USB is a Huawei manufactured EC169 USB Modem which is being used in Pakistan in order to connect to the Internet. The technology provided is EVDO by Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Limited. The USB has the option to insert a CDMW Wireless local loop phone SIM so that the Internet can be used at a low speed of 230 Kbps.

I need a program which can unlock this EVO USB device so that I can use any GSM SIM card.

Please help me to solve this matter.

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As you have explained, it seems that the modem is company branded, meaning that you will not be able to use any other SIM card from another carrier to connect to the Internet.

Usually these companies do not allow other SIM cards to be used with their devices but in many countries there is a law which allows a client to pay a small fee to unlock their devices (mobile phones, TVs, DVD-Players, etc). Please visit support service and ask around about this matter. You will see that it is more comfortable of using this method than alter the firmware or the software.

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yup you can unlock your Huawei modem to all network by purchasing unlock codes..You can get one from any commercial vedors online like

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How much i pay for unlock Usb Device to connect with other network please reply me i am waiting

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