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I download the program and open it up but it gives me an error and it won't open.

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This is the error that I get when I try to open the program.

"Application error (not responding)
Exception EJclRegistryError in module FineCount.exe at 0011B9D5.
Unable to open key
'HKEYLOCALMACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System' and access value 'SystemBiosDate'."

Please help!

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Try to reinstall the application one more time overwriting the already copied files, but
this time make sure to use the Run As Administrator option when you right click the setup package. This will give exclusive rights to the application to copy all the necessary registry entries and make adjustments so you can run the application properly.

I've just did what I explained above and the software installed and launched properly without any errors about registries.

You can find the software on the Google Search. Type its name along with the download and then you'll have the possibility to download it.

Here is a screenshot of the software working on the Windows 10 platform:

enter image description here

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