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I'm trying to download a trial version of BuzzXplore on my iMac.

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I just purchased an iMac with Lion OS. I want to download a trial version of BuzzXplore, which is an embroidery stitch program. All the websites contain trial versions with an EXE file extension. I can't download unless it is a DMG file extension.

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The application is solely developed for Windows environments. On your iMac, you will need to use virtualization software to make it work as if it were in a Windows environment. Using Mac OS feature, Bootcamp, you can install a Windows 7/XP version on your iMac. The process is extremely simple: insert a Windows 7/XP valid installation disc into the CD/DVD-Rom and start Bootcamp. Follow the instructions on the screen and soon after you will have a working copy of Windows operating system running aside with Mac OS. Transfer the application to the Windows environment and run it as simple software.

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