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Will Free Video Cut and Split enable straight-forward cut, copy and paste?

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asked Aug 24 by Ian Bowie about Free Video Cut and Split
edited Aug 25 by Alex Urbach

I have 4 hours of videos (with no audio) in VOB format, copied from DVDs to Windows 10 hard drive. I want to make a compilation (in a standard format, presumably MPEG) by copying some of the footage in new order, with inserts (subtitles?) between sequences to summarize the content of the next sequence, and possibly adding recorded sound. My only experience with cut-copy-paste is with text in Word. Will Free Video Cut and Split enable me to do my job without much expertise?

1 Answer

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answered Aug 25 by Alex Urbach (306,420 points)

The Free Video Cut and Split will just provide ways to cut your video files without the possibility of adding subtitles. You will need a professional video editor to accomplish all the things you have mentioned there. Luckily, there are tools but they need some knowledge (there is plenty on the Internet).

For this particular reason, I recommend checking Adobe Premiere since it's a very good application that allows video editing with all the features you could possibly think of. Access Google to check the available tutorials for Adobe Premiere.

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