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Blocking off Facebook using iFreeFace.

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asked Jun 26, 2017 about iFreeFace
edited Jul 12, 2017 by Marco Jauch 1

I once blocked Facebook from my computer, but the blocker would prevent any websites and web pages that had the Facebook logo on them from loading. Is there a better way?

1 Answer

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answered Jun 27, 2017 by Stephen Prastman (254,450 points)

It depends on the tool that you use. Some programs will automatically block any websites that include links to Facebook and unfortunately that means that half the Internet will no longer work. However, I use a cool ad-blocker for Chrome called uBlock Origin. After installing it, right-click its icon, then choose Options. In the tab that opens up go to My filters, then simply type and click on Apply changes. This will prevent the browser from loading Facebook content without denying access to other websites.

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