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We recently purchased a Cricket ZTE Fanfare 2 from an individual for my 12-year-old daughter, but after doing a factory reset, (to ensure the man we bought it from had left nothing on it), we began to set it up. After signing into our wifi we typed in my daughter's name - it then went to the message that I typed above. And after many different attempts to type in what we thought they were asking for, we then realized it was referring to the previous owner. How can we fix this?

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You need to contact the owner of the phone to ask him to remove the account and anything that's tied to the phone. If you purchase this through eBay, open a case and explain the situation and I guarantee they will give you your money back.

Secondly, when you factory reset a phone, everything is deleted including accounts, passwords, settings. I recommend performing another factory reset, but this time, make sure to delete the contents of the internal storage as well, because certain Settings files might be there affecting the same apps you try to install.

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