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I cannot reload a MPX file which was moved from the desktop to a hard drive.

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I was saving my raw MPX files with the corresponding point file and BMP files on my desktop. Then I copied all the files on my harddrive and deleted the folders on my desktop. And now I cannot reopen the raw MPX files anymore. I always get an error that a file required for opening cannot be found in its original location. But if I put them back to the original location (on the desktop, same path) it still does not open the original MPX file. What should we do to open the original files?

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Typically, the files exported or saved from MicroMeasure should be placed in the same directory and then the application needs to be restarted and launched with Administrator access especially if you've installed the application on the system partition.

I recommend checking the online instructions posted by the developers regarding the way the software works at the following address:

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