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About independent header content.

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I have a long file (in .doc) with already existing paginated headers and odd-even pages with gutter. I want to enter to headers some info (numbers) of chapters and sections, e.g. 3 headers will show 1.9a indicating that the three pages belong to chapter 1 and section 9a, then 2 headers with other info, then 4 headers with other info for the next 4 pages, etc. I tried everything, with inserting sections, I followed the manual in how to insert independent headers, etc, nothing worked. The header-footer palette keeps shadowed the commands for independent headers-footers, I do not know why - maybe because the headers are already paginated? Any ideas, please?

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If you can't change the things in the DOC file, then I recommend using an application that was fully developed to manage and handle everything about DOC file format. The app I am talking about is Microsoft Word. If you just need to modify a file, then simply download the trial and use it for 30 days and that's it.

Download page:

I believe that Microsoft Word will allow you to modify the headers and customize the footers as well.

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