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Forced response to a new suit.

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Does the forced response to a new suit concept apply to both the partner/respondent and the opening bidder during the course of bidding: assuming both have adequate point count to bid to game?
For example:

  1. opening bidder bids one heart,
  2. partner responds one spade (new suit = forcing),
  3. opener responds two clubs (new suit = forcing),
  4. partner responds two diamonds (new suit = forcing),
  5. opener responds two no trump (inviting),
  6. partner bids three no trump,
  7. The contract is made.

Does this bidding sequence accurately depict forced response as applicable to both opener and partner/respondent?

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In general, over the course of a bidding it can apply to both partners. However, in this case it doesn't:

The opener is clearly forced to respond as he cannot pass the 4th suit game forcing bid, so he has to say either 2NT or bid another suit.

However the partner / respondent isn't actually forced to respond to 2NT. He wants to respond because his bidding sequence indicates game strength, but there is no danger in passing, in case he initially overestimated his hand.

Usually, forced response is a term used for bids you can't pass because you're in trouble if you end up playing them, like 2 hearts in your example.

I guess I should also tell you that in your bidding sequence two diamonds isn't a simple forcing; it's called 4th forcing and signifies game strength forcing. With that in mind, 2NT shouldn't be inviting, since you've already established game strength. Instead, it should indicate a somewhat even distribution, hopefully with values in the 4th suit and a hand that isn't really capable of going for a slam.

For more details about Bridge Baron's bidding systems, you can visit the game's Help Center page.

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