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I need this software, and it's not available anymore.

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I'm searching for this old software (2008/2010), but unfortunately, all links here available are broken due to the fact that the developer's website is off. I have tried to extend my search but at this moment I'm kind of lost and your help would be much appreciated. Maybe someone here has this software and can share it by posting a new link for download, or in last case the user "Ricardo Coelho". You both made comments regarding this software but, I can't contact him in this Forum or using the profile info.

Do you know how to get his email or how to get his attention, so maybe he can assist me by sharing his installation file for Imokapa? Maybe you also have this file and you can share it with me.

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I don't think it's possible to download the software anymore primarily because the official website is not working and there is no other alternative link available with the installation package. As for users, try commenting below them and if they have notifications enabled, they will respond sometime.

I believe this is the only way to acquire the application anymore since no sources is currently available for downloading.

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