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Combining JPG background and PNG overlay.

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I am now developing an application in Clarion 6.3. Please tell me what are the commands and requirements for merging a .jpg background image with a .png overlay image? Only pixels in background should be replaced with non-transparent pixels in .png. My application crashes every time I try. I have tried with AlphaBlend, but it works only on my developing machine which is very powerful and it won't work on any other standard one, with no special graphic card. Probably the problem is lack of memory.

Thank you in advance.

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You should read the FreeImage documentation provided at the SourceForge website because the plugin above uses that framework. If you're going to do something, then you have to read in the documentation to see exactly how it's done.

Access the following link to reach the page with all the downloads and documentation:

Here is the direct link to the file:

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