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My IDM displays an image "server replies: you don't have the permission to download this file". How to fix this?

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I'm also facing the same problem with IDM. The Server Replies that you don’t have permission to download this file.

I tried deleting cookies, using CC Cleaner, changing browser versions..etc. But couldn't find a proper solution for this problem.

I even tried some of the old versions of IDM which are worked perfectly and still facing the same problem.

So I came up with a alternate Solution for IDM Error'. This works on using combination IDM and online video download sites like

And i posted on my here

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I do not think, or even understand that that is just the problem, since from the time this things have been working, there are far more complications to these things then just extra authentication. It just happens that the server does not allow any further download or data transfer to one particular pool of resource, as it has already crossed its daily limit, because the data which is being transfered is being used by many, which limits one individual's usage or aplliant data rate.

This is something which a mother server can resist rather than just the folder server.

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This error is often encountered when the remote server requires extra authentication before you can download or you are trying to download the file using a different HTTP referer (it's called hotlink protection).

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