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Why can't I get Card Collector?

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Why can't I get Card Collector update on computer?

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You can't get the update because the official website where the updates were stored is actually not working anymore making it impossible to use the update feature. Until the website will come back online, The Card Collector application won't be available for updating.

You will have to use the application as it is until the website comes back online, but you should consider as well that it might not come online at all.

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I believe they have sold the rights to some major company and that company has shelved the product. The company is the notorious Beckett! I do not believe they plan on releasing it any time soon or even at all since the sell magazines and have their own web page for collecting parties to use. I have used this product for years and I am not very happy about this ripoff deal made behind the backs of their customers. The latest update I had was May of 2010. Since then I have been downloading checklists from TOPPS, Donruss and so on and adding them to my Card Collector database as the years go by and as I collect the sets I chose through the years. I suggest you do the same for I really do not believe Mr. Beckett and his band of no goods have any plans to reintroduce the card collector software. Hope I am wrong but it has been a few years since it went away. I have seen some used disks on ebay for cheap, so my suggestion would be to check around for use versions and just add sets as I do. You will have to get an older version for the newer version had the type of disk that you hade to download from the website with the disk. Older versions had the software directly on the disk, but have much the same as the newer.

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