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Information about the Xparanormal Spirit Radio.

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OK, so I have been getting quotes from the book of Revelation for 6 days in a row now, non stop. All day. Literally every single time I turn it on. So my question is this, is this app programmed to recite the book of Revelation? If so, absolutely cool. I've had my share of fun for sure. If not, man honestly for my sanity I need to know. Thank you very very much for your time. You have no idea what it would mean to me to get a response. Thank you.

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I believe the apps of this type are a complete rip off and scams. There is no way someone could actually communicate with the spirits. The software is programmed in such way to give you the impression it's real, but I believe it's not. I've never seen anyone from Europe to try and use this. You can use it as a fun way, but it shouldn't be considered as real. You can check the reviews on Amazon website. You will find good reviews and bad reviews that say what I've just said here.

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