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Need simple example for string encrypting / descryping of string.

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asked by about MarshallSoft Delphi AES Library
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I just need encryption of a string. And, separately, decryption. I tried to use our examples, but without success, like this:

   myencryptedtext  := encrypt (mytext,'MYPASSWORD')
   mytext           := decrypt (myencryptedtext ,'MYPASSWORD')

If you send me a usefull example, I will order your library.

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There are plenty examples out there related to string encryption/decryption. You can browse the results found through Google Search to learn more about this procedure.

Additionally, you can use MarshallSoft's libraries through the following link:

Note: On the bottom of the page, there are user guides and manuals that you can download to learn how to work with the libraries.

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