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How do you save emails in Mybase?

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I want a replacement for AskSam 7, which does not run on Windows 10.

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I've installed the Mybase application, and it does offer the possibility to import various content into the database. I've attached an image below to see what you can add in Mybase. I've tried using the first option with MS Outlook, but a message window said that the software needs to be opened and installed before I can use it. Just click on options and the app will tell you how to proceed further.

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With myBase, text/html information can be saved as info items' default contents, and documents (pdf, doc, xls, ppt, eml, pictures, and arbitrary files) can be saved as attachments. For emails, you can choose to either save them as .eml files in the attachment area, or simply copy/paste email message body to the item's text content area.

If you'd like to save emails as attachments, please try to first export your emails as .eml files and then import them into myBase as attachments, by selecting 'Capture - Import files as attachments' menu item;

For MS-Outlook users, myBase provides the 'Capture - Import MS-Outlook items' utility which helps import emails into myBase with less clicks; You'll need to first launch MS-Outlook application and select one or multiple emails, and then select the 'Capture - Import MS-Outlook items' menu item.

For more instructions on importing data into myBase, please visit:

In addition, as the recent builds include a few bug-fixes and enhancements related to data importing utilities, you may want to try the latest version which is available to download from the website:

For detailed change logs, please visit:

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