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Inversions shown on Winchord.

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How do you get WINCHORD 4.3 to display Inversions correctly? For example C major (tones 1 3 5); Inversion 1 is displayed as (1-3 +5), this is C minor augmented NOT (3 5 1 or 3 1 5), and Inversion 2 is displayed as (1 4 6) a C4th with an added 6th; NOT (5 1 3 or 5 3 1)? Please enlighten my ignorance.

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I recommend using the Help file from the installation directory in order to learn how to use the application. I've searched the web through Google Search and didn't find anything which means you will have to rely on the HELP file that can be accessed through the program's interface after it has been installed or in the installation directory.

  • Installation directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\WINCHORD
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Thanks Sean, but I have already read the associated help and it makes as little sense as do the results shown or mentioned in my post.

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