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What do the stats stand for?

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What do the stats stand for? Like what does intelligence do? What does dexterity, agility, and strength do? Also how come I can't equip some items like in the beginning of the game I bought an Axe but can't equip it. Is it because I don't have a high enough level and if so then how do I know when the level is high enough to equip it? Or is it just some characters can only equip certain items but why?

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This is a standard RPG game the stats mean the following:

  • Intelligence: stat that is used to increase the magic damage, accuracy and everything that is used for magic.
  • Dexterity: stat that is used to increase the armor and overall the resistances to various DMG types.
  • Agility: stat that is similar to dexterity, but has other protection bonuses as well (eg. cast speed, movement speed, etc)
  • Strength: stat that handles how powerful you are in melee and how much damage you do for hand weapons.

Also, for items you need to have various stats and a certain level.

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