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Run-on sentence punctuation help.

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I was taking the English transcription exam for the first time yesterday and ran into some trouble when I was deciding how to punctuate one of the audio examples. It was the interview with Denise Richardson and her guest on the show basically answers a question in a giant run on sentence. I got a 77% on this example and I am almost certain it was because of the way I broke up her answer using different punctuation. Should I just use commas or try to separate ideas that are similar the best I can? Any other tips regarding how to sort these sort of situations out?

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The developers offer a style guide that you can check in order to improve the transcription. The guide offers all the information necessary on how to translate files properly and add all the necessary punctuation details.

You can download it through the Member's area in your account.

You can log-in through the following link:

Once you are logged on, click the Exams > Check Exam Info and a page will load like the one below:

enter image description here

Download the guide using the button on the page.

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