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How to make the TeamViewer 11 from offline (for 8 days) status back to online mode?

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My TeamViewer 11 was online then it became offline for 8 days. The remote ID and password were not listed in the TeamViewer window when TeamViewer is offline. And I saw the error message "Not Ready. Please check your connection." at the bottom of TeamViewer window. I tried to sign in in the right side window, but sign in was not working. Then, using Open Management Console to connect the offline session, the connection was still failed.

Can you help me resolve this problem since I am a new user of TeamViewer 11. And using Google search to review the related topics, I still failed to get an answer?


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I've had this issue in the past and the only way to fix it was to add the Teamviewer to the exclusion list in Firewall. Something happened and Teamviewer was added to blocking list. If you have a security suite installed, access its Firewall module and add Teamviewer as an exception. Eventually, you can disable the Firewall temporary to see if the problem is with the firewall.

Secondly, download and install a new version of Teamviewer or, if it's the latest one, perform a reinstall using the same version.

Also, reinstall your network adapters. It might sound as a last chance, but there could be problems with the network adapter as well.

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