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I just downloaded the software and my buttons are always named 'buttons'.

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Hello everyone,

I just downloaded the Illumination Software Creator and I'm having what could be a beginner mistake, but since I've looked up some videos and tutorials and I'm doing exactly like the guide I don't understand why my buttons are always named 'buttons'. Changing its name or its value (Button text) doesn't seem to work. The same apply to labels, Text Boxess, Text Field and similar.

Can anyone help me? Thank you for you attention.

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After some testing in the application, I have found that you will have to use the Design Window in order to name and customize your buttons. You can do this as shown in the image below. As you can see, I customized the button with the "I DID MY OWN BUTTON" text.

enter image description here

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Well, i'm doing exactly like that, and it won't work. Every time i test it, the buttons are always named buttons. (and the same applies for labels, text fields, etc.)

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