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Can Clever Dog export videos on Windows 7?

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I bought a Clever Dog Wi-Fi camera and configured it correctly. I want to export all videos from a SD card to PC using Windows 7 software, but I can't select all video in the list. Only 20 items, which are displayed on the screen. What should I do to export all videos at once? Thank you.

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You might be limited when the export operation is done through the software because it's configured to allow you to export only a limited number of videos. However, if the SD card is detachable, connect it to PC using a card reader then you can select all the videos in the folder.

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Tried the above.

The cleverdog initialises the card which appears to be some kind of proprietary format. Take the card out of the camera, insert in usb caddy then into Win 7 PC and the PC wants to format the card. Place card back in Camera and the camera wants to initialise. Around and around we go. I haven't yet found the answer.

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I finally found the PC software and exported via proprietary conversion option. When reviewing the finished result on my PC the result was very poor. Audio is out of sync with video after about 2mins. Pretty crappy really when you dig into it. A basic camera with just a taste of the significant options. Could be a great all round product if they improved the software.

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