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Problem with one of my dual screen monitors.

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I have two monitors. The left monitor works OK. The right monitor suddenly starts having a problem only with Internet.

I can use my Quickbooks without problems on the right monitor, but other programs that retrieve information from the Internet will not work.

I can sign on to the Internet and pull up a website, but then it's as if the computer locks up. My keyboard and my mouse do not respond on the right monitor. If I drag the screen to the left monitor, then it immediately works. My system is Windows 7.

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Try to display the contents on your screen in different modes. For example, press the Windows + P to switch between displaying modes available within the operating system.

I've tried to find a solution to your issue, but there isn't anyone with something similar which makes it a bit hard. I've also visited the official website, but there is nothing mentioned about this. I also recommend checking the manual of the device you're using to see how to properly configure it.

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