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CutePDF only prints 16 pages of a 25 page document. Is this a restriction?

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I am trying to print an Excel document that is 25 pages long. When I print to CutePDF, only the first 16 pages are created and I save the output to a file name. Then CutePDF asks me AGAIN to save the SAME file name. When I do, and hit "overwrite OK" it finishes. When I look at the file, only the last 9 pages are in the file - it overwrote the first 15 pages.

I want the result to be ONE file containing ALL 25 pages. How do I do that? Do I have to purchase the "Pro" version? Is the free version limited as to the number of pages it can print? If so, couldn't you mention that?

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I don't recall that CutePDF had a limit on how many pages you can print and most likely it's something on your side. I remember I've opened a 250 pages document in Office and then saved it as PDF and no error was encountered. However, reinstall the application and then try again. In the Print menu, make sure to select ALL PAGES.

Re-download CutePDF Writer:

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