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Network and computer security breach.

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Someone has been hacking into my computer for about a year. I think they access through my network. I cannot access my network for they keep me blocked from it. A cell phone will almost always show up in my network. How do they get in there in the first place. They must get my IP address and go from there.

Even if I disconnect my computer from the network a cell phone will still be there blocking my access. We store all of our company documents in the external cloud drive. Even if I can map to the external cloud drive they keep changing the IP address for the cloud drive every time I get it remapped.

Is there any way I can stop these people from doing this. It's like a game to them but they have cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We've asked a number of internet security companies but they have no answer. We have AVG now trying to find a resolution.

Would any of you have any suggestions how to stop them or perhaps networking software.

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The first thing you have to do is completely disconnect the computer from the network. On a second computer, download these tools and transfer them to the infected PC:

I advise running Combofix for the first time, then Rkill and then installing Malwarebytes. Make sure you turn on the firewall. You can do this on all the infected computers. Most likely, the hacker used a Windows vulnerability to exploit it. Once the tools are deleted from PCs, he won't have the possibility to connect any more.

Scan the PCs in offline mode, don't connect them to Internet.

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