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How can I find out the IP of the CAM (Internal IP) when the CAM uses SYSM Monitor?

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I bought a IP Camera that it seems to work only with the SYSM Monitor app. I can't find which is its IP LAN in order to see the images using Internet Explorer with ActiveX. The app shows me an IP when I use the WiFi configuration but I guess that this is not the proper IP that works with Internet Explorer. Does some body can help me? Thanks in advance for any answer.

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If you use a router, then connect to the administration interface and locate the DHCP Clients category. Click it, and you should see all the IPs assigned by the router. You can then test them to see which is the correct one.

Secondly, you can use Command Prompt. Press Windows + R and type CMD then arp -a and all the dynamic IPs will be listed. One of them is the IP of the camera.

You should see something like this.

enter image description here

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