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"BasinHeader could not be found" & "computefflow path for the drainage area and try again".

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In GeoHMS through ArcMap extensions:

I have computed the CN Grids and try to use (Subbasin parameters from Raster) and then compute CN Lag, but I get errors:

(1) When I try to make Subbasin parameters from Raster, the error "BasinHeader could not be found" appears and I do not know how to solve it.

(2) When I try to compute CN Lag (from Hydrologic parameters tab) the error "compute Flow path for the drainage area and try again" appears, but actually I have computed the Flow Path in earlier stages.

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I recommend visiting the official website to download the available User Guide because there is no other troubleshooting available. This application is available for downloading, but training and support are two different things.

Use the following link to download the user guide for this software:

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