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Why isn't burn working on my Windows 7 Pro?

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Why won't burn work on my Windows 7 Pro, Dell Optiplex 745? This is a recent development, and I'm wondering if your burn software is not compatible with Windows 7 Pro.

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You might lack a driver installation for your DVD-RW, or the optical DVD drive doesn't have writing features supported. However, go to Start > Run > devmgmt.msc and check to see if there are no yellow items in the list for the DVD drive. If there are, right-click them and choose Update Driver. Use the Windows Update to automatically install the driver since it's a generic one.

Additionally, check the manual of your Dell to see if the DVD drive supports burning discs.

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The drivers are fine I tried updating them, and, The results were that the best drivers are already installed for both of my DVD-R burners.
Burrrn! was the only burning software that was giving me problems.
My other burning software, "Express Burn", from NCH, works just fine.
I did not find any of the yellow indicators that you spoke about.
Both of my drives support burning discs,both audio & video.
Lately I can burn CDs Or DVDs with Express Burn, but no CDs with Burrrn!.
The problem may lie in the fact that Burrrn! has not been updated in YEARS!!!

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That's most likely the reason for its issues.

Here are other applications you might use to burn CDs/DVDs:

- IMGBurn:
- Ashampoo:

I personally used IMGBurn and it worked with all the drives. I have checked the official website and it appears Burrrn! is still in Beta. I recommend to avoid using it and choose something else instead.
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Thanks, William for your quick reply on this.
I have been looking for Burrrn! updates for a long time, and have found none.
Whatever Beta is, I sounds like it is something outdated long ago.
I'll give your suggetions a try.
Thanks again,
Bob Adams, Jr.

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