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What software do I need to transfer photos from my Android smartphone to my computer?

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I want to transfer all my photos to my computer.

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You should first connect the Android phone to your computer in order to transfer photos. You can choose the best approach based on the available options, like :

  1. Use the Software Application built only for your model of your phone which has the possibility to not only transfer photos but to also perform firmware upgrade, contacts backup, etc. (the support software is available on the CD which arrived with your phone)
  2. Connect the phone to the computer using its own USB cable and enable USB Disc Storage. If your phone has an SD card, then your pictures are located in the DCIM folder.
  3. Use a 3rd party application like Wondershare MobileGo which allows you to transfer all media files from any Android device.

The choice is yours to make based on the available options.

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If your computer support blueteeth, you can use the blueteeth to transfer the photos,or you can use the iTransfer to get photos from your phone to computer.

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I guess there are lots of tools for this. I use this software for archiving pictures from all my devices. Quite comprehensive and you can customize certain processes for different devices. Great for me as I tend to have reoccurring issues with certain lighting situations between my devices.

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A data backup assistant can be helpful if you need to transfer data from your phone to pc.

When the phone is connected to pc, you can transfer text messages, contacts, photos, memos, music files to pc.

Have a look at the following guides,

Transfer Photos from Android Phone to Computer.

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Well, there're many methods to backup photos to computer. But if you want to backup all these data to computer just in one click, you may use a third party app to help. Try Coolmuster Android Backup Assistant, it would transfer everything from your phone to computer with simple operations.

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I know a special designed android file backup app, just few simple steps to transfer everything from your phone to computer, and you don't need to root your phone, just need enable usb debugging on your phone.

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