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Enhanced BAPLIE Viewer version that supports the upcoming BAPLIE version 2.2.

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The existing BAPLIE viewer version is not able to support VGM as the weight qualifier, will BAPLIE viewer be enhanced to support BAPLIE version 2.2 as well as mega vessels with > 10000 container records and displaying rows?

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The only way to find that is by contacting the developer of the application. I have found its website, but the download links are down, which means I can't test it. Luckily, there is an email address on the website that you can use to get in touch with the developers.

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dear Anonymous, you can read de VGM with a little modification.
You have to open the .EDI file with a NOTEPAD and replace all VGM for WT.
that's the only solution I found up to now.
good luck

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I'm currently working on a web app (MyBaplie) to create a reliable solution for the Baplie Visualization of the new versions as the developer is not reachable for ages.

MyBaplie has a VGM qualifier onboard. Just as a hint.

This is the link to our Baplie Viewer

Maybe this helps.

All the best from Hamburg, Germany

  • Marc

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