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Organize Quick & Easy file error

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I've set my alarm in my Organize Quick & Easy 5.0 but I can never hear it. I've gone to the settings and tested it and it sounds off! I've just noticed an error message, I don't know if it has anything to do with it. There is an exact error message below.

Organize Quick & Easy file error:
C:\Documents and Settings\Kenneth R. Moore\My Documents\Organize1\Organize1.ATW

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Make sure that for the alarm section you use a compatible audio file format such as MP3 or WAV because if you employ something which isn't supported, you will hear nothing like it actually happens. On the other hand, restore the software to its default settings and then configure the program and the alarm once more. Time and schedule the alarm to go off in a short time to check the results.

If this approach doesn't work, then please perform a new installation of the software because in most of the cases, there could be something messed up in the registry files.

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