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How come now I can not get my laptop to recognize my Karma Karaoke program?

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My Karma Karaoke was working great a week ago. I unplugged everything to go to my next gig. When I set up, Karma was not recognized. It shows that I do have over 54k of DJ music, however it will not load. When I click to karaoke it shows zero. I checked my files and I do have karaoke. It does not want to show that in my karma program. I had to cancel that gig. What is going on? I tried to update, however it says that files are not found. I really need help here.

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There is a FAQ page on the official website of the developer that provides answers to most common problems. I recommend you visit the following page before doing anything else. Secondly, make a backup of your database in another location and re-install the application, because there may be unknown factors regarding its functionality. Sometimes applications are affected by other program's uninstall procedure, or they are affected if the files of the application get corrupted.

FAQ page:

If you are an active customer, use the following page to log-in to obtain official support for the application:

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