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How to download photos from my Samsung cell phone to my computer?

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Use data cable [USB cable] to connect your phone with your PC.
choose the pic and copy , paste.

You can also try Kies.

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Samsung phones use Kies application in order to connect to the PC through USB or WiFi in case we’re talking about a laptop where Kies is running. No matter the connection, the software installs all the necessary drivers so when you connect the phone to the computer, it automatically installs the drivers and then the procedure is even simpler. After the phone is connected (notice its name in the upper left part of the software), you can manage the photos, music, contacts and basically all the files stored on the phone. Menus are located on the left side of the software.

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just use your USB or WIFI to connect with your own computer, then just choose the pics you like, click copy and paste.
If you use the wifi, you can open a kind of the IMs you have, just send the pics through the IMs, like Skype or MSN, then save the image in your computer.

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