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First name, last name

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In the last version of Broadworks Receptionist you could reorder the columns of info. I prefer the first name first and the last name second. There is a ton more information that I can access or eliminate (mostly eliminate) but I can no longer reorder the columns. Also every time I close out and reopen I have to reconfigure the interface even if I click the save workspace on sign out. Any solutions for these two problems?

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After you install the application, there is a user guide that provides all the necessary information related to the column arrangement. I have also installed the product, but it doesn't start (probably compatibility). However, I managed to open the user guide and located the information you need about column ordering.

File name: BroadWorks Receptionist User Guide.pdf

enter image description here

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The problem is not ordering the information with in the columns it is ordering the columns themselves. But thanks for trying.

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