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Is there a 'virtual' Microsoft Outlook email program a person can practice on without having Microsoft Outlook installed?

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I wonder if there are any 'virtual' Outlook programs a person could use as sort of a training or teaching tool? My husband's company just promoted him and he needs to use Outlook on a daily basis and he has no knowledge of the program and faces trouble. Since he is at work, I can't help him access this from home, therefore, I am unable to show him how to use it. Can you help?

Laurie Butler

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There are virtual interactive lessons which may help you a lot if you want to learn everything that is related to the Outlook application. You can test almost all functions on a PC where Outlook is installed because if the application is not connected to the Internet, then the only disadvantage you have is inability to send emails. That is an important step but except that you will practically use the application to its full capability. You can actually practice using the Outlook software itself without sending an email. As I said, that is just a minor but important part in learning Outlook. You must first understand how it works before sending an email.

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For example, apply next one fix pst

Item contains a lot of useful information about necessary tools

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