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Is there no way to solve the screenshot problem?

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When I use MFC to make a tool to capture the screen of a video player, the picture becomes black without the actual image.

Seems it uses DirectX technology and overlay,so I can not get the image I want.

Can anybody solve this?

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If you are trying to use MFC to capture video screenshots, then you should use a video ActiveX object library which works in conjunction with DirectX technology. Because of the complexity of the situation, you will need to be careful when you are coding the script to do that because you might not get a working application if the values are not handled correctly and the libraries are not declared using proper vars.

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Hi, Andrew,I am the asker above.
Firstly,I am sorry my English.
Secondly,I have other questions to ask you as following:
How can I use a video ActiveX ?
And is there any article about capturing video screenshots introduce to me ?
Is there not any API function can solve it?
Lastly,I am very thankful that you can help me.
You also can send the e-mail to for me.

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