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Why does Demand goes to 0% after all the three compressors are turned ON in BVRF?

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Why does Demand goes to 0% after all the three compressors are turned ON in BVRF?

The 3 compressors get turned ON (in sequence of Digital compressor, Fixed compressor 1 and lastly Fixed compressor 2) after the difference between the Set temperature and the Room temperature increases. Once all the 3 compressors are turned and if the difference is still not reducing the demand directly goes to 0% and the compressors start turning OFF in following sequence: Firstly Fixed 2, Secondly Fixed 1 and lastly Digital compressor turns OFF.

Please guide me in knowing the reason for the same.

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You will have to take advantage of the built-in help system, because there is no explanation about what you encountered. I have tried to find user guides, troubleshooting documents, or anything to help me understand the issue, but there are no resources available. Go to Help > Contents and checked that section for possible solutions. Secondly, try getting in touch with the developers using the information on the Help > About or Help > Contact.

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We also face same issue in this system.
After long observation, we got that some of the IDU are went offline while operation in full load.

I need PC Software for the same.
Please mail if you have.

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