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Can any one tell me the requirements to download the BugZilla?

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asked by about HP OpenView Perl -V5.8.1- Package Version
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How can I install BugZilla? Before installing BugZilla, should I install Perl? If yes, which version of Perl for which version of BugZilla? And one more thing, my PC has 2GB RAM. Can you please tell me how to install it successfully?

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Based on the information gathered, you can check the system requirements for BugZilla using the following page:

From what it says, 2 GB is a lot less than the minimum requirement.

The necessary version of Perl for Windows is: ActiveState Perl 5.12.4 and can be obtained from the following website:

You also need many Perl modules that can be installed with: ppm install modulename

Info here:

Check the page above and you should see all the instructions for a Windows installation.

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