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OpenSSH compatibility information.

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My client is your client, and they recently stopped being able to upload files to us. Also recently we upgraded our servers to use OpenSSH 6.8 and it seems to have been the issue with other client's software. So I wanted to start troubleshooting by asking simply, does/can this software support OpenSSH 6.8? Below are their error messages.

sshconnect.c:373: 09/17/15-12:07:00 Connecting to host(s) <>
sshconnect.c:390: 09/17/15-12:07:00 Number of hosts = 1
sshconnect.c:393: 09/17/15-12:07:00 Connecting to SSHFTP server port:22
log.c:460: 09/17/15-12:07:01 no kex alg 

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This is an application provided by the IBM company. I have checked their official website, but couldn't find anything related to downloads or purchasing or supported protocols. However, I recommend choosing another application based on open-source code that provides SFTP and SSH-FTP connections. It's called WinSCP and it's available for downloading through the official website:

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