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Why are my old cell phone videos coming up as .plt format files on my Android tablet?

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Videos I've saved from my old cell phones are coming up as .plt and .blt file formats. They used to be 3g2 format playable as a .mov on QuickTime. I never converted them to anything else but for some reason they are now in these formats.

If I prompt the tablet to open the .blt files as images, I get a thumbnail for the associated video. The same cannot be said when I prompt the tablet to open the .plt file as a video. It simply tells me the video cannot be played.

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In my opinion, there is a big misunderstanding. I have performed search queries on Google using the provided file types you have mentioned and it seems that those file types belong to applications outside the video/audio category. More precisely, they are used by CAD applications. Please double check again for the files you have copied because even a conversion to transform the files from 3g2 to blt/flt isn’t possible.

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