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Should I get the new iPad Pro (with keyboard and Apple Pencil) or the new MacBook?

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My 5 year old MacBook Pro is kaput. I was planning on purchasing the new MacBook this fall, but am now curious about the iPad Pro that is being released. Looking for some advice from the experts!

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There are advantages and disadvantages to both a MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, but when it comes to extreme performance, the MacBook Pro is a definitely a winner because it holds additional processing power. It's also portable like the iPad, but it's more powerful. If you don't want to carry chargers with you or want a simple way to enjoy iOS, then iPad Pro is the solution. Slternatively, use MacBook Pro, because it's powered by Mac OS X, which is a full operating system.

Both devices are good, but it depends on what type of business you have or what are the needs. A sales representative from Apple should give you additional details.

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