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I downloaded uTorrent 3.2 and I don't want the toolbar in my browser. How do I remove it?

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The uTorrent toolbar attaches itself to my browsers, and I do not want this.

My question is how to remove that feature or, at least, enable it for the only browser I would like for it to be in?

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Many toolbars have their own installer which is accessible from Add or Remove Programs. In case the entry for the toolbar is missing on that list found in your Control Panel, then I suggest taking these steps in order to remove toolbar add-ons from your browser:

Mozilla Firefox: go to Tools > Addons > Extensions, locate the toolbar and click Remove.

Google Chrome: click the wrench in the upper-right area, then go to Tools > Extensions and click the bin.

Internet Explorer: go to Tools > Manage Addons > Toolbars and Extensions, locate the Toolbar and click Disable.

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